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Orquesta típica Victor

The Orquesta Típica Victor, also known as OTV, was a label orchestra created in 1925 by Victor for promotional purpose. It was composed of a selection of musicians and signers which were affiliated to the record company as a part of other major orchestras.

Each recording sessions brought together a different selection of artists which are often impossible to identify on specific recordings. Yet the orchestra maintained a consistent sound for over 20 years.

The cohesion of the orchestra was ensured by directors Adolfo Carabelli (1925-1936), Federico Scorticati (1936-1943) and Mario Maurano (1943-1944). Some of the most famous musicians who performed for OTV include Pedro Laurenz, Elvino Vardaro and Anibal Troilo. And signers who recorded with OTV include Roberto Diaz, Juan Carlos Delson, Ernesto Fama, Jaimes Moreno and Carlos Lafuente. [2]

As a label orchestras, OTV never performed in public. It left over 444 recordings, still known today for their quality and excellence of interpretation.

The Orquesta Típica Victor is only one of many orchestras assembled by the label Victor for promotional purposes. The others are La Orquesta Victor Popular, La Orquesta Típica los Provincianos, La Orquesta Radio Victor Argentina, La Orquesta Argentina Victor, La Orquesta Victor Internacional, el Cuarteto Victor and the Trio Victorπ


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