Private lessons



$35 (price per couple for 2 couples)

$25 (price per couple for 3 couples)


What is Argentine tango?

Argentine tango is a musical genre and a type of social dance that emerged in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and Montevideo near the end of the 19th century. It is the result of a fusion between cultural elements of African, European and local origins.

Tango was a marginal phenomenon in Argentina until it became wildly popular in Paris and other European cities in 1912. Following tangomania it was proudly adopted by argentine society and continued to evolve in Argentina into ever more refined and complex forms.

Tango reached it’s golden age in the 1940’s in Argentina with the proliferation of dance orchestras, sound recording and reproduction, radio and movies. Tango was everywhere and became an integral part of Argentine culture and identity.

Tango dancing declined dramatically in the 1950’s due to social and political factors in Argentina. Rock n roll took over in popularity with the youth. It began to revive once again on the international scene in the 1980’s with famous tango shows Tango Argentino and Forever Tango.

Today the “Argentine” form of dancing tango (Argentine Tango) is fully alive and flourishing in Buenos Aires and everywhere around the world.

You can now dance tango anywhere you go. ENIGMA TANGO

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